Self confidence. Knowing that you are enough. That is all that self confidence entails. True self confidence can never be generated by anything outside of oneself.Not through physical appearances, not any measures of success or knowledge acquired.You can be utterly gorgeous to look at and still feel as if you are not enough in some […]

Slowing Down

Slowing down in no way means inertia or lack of enthusiasm.In fact, it means the exact opposite.Where you slow down enough to really savour , enjoy and be super enthusiastic and ALIVE to all that is showing up. Like a slow walk, where you can notice every little detail…the beautiful perfect bark on the trees, […]


You are a channel.Be a channel.Allow the love to flow through you, to wherever it needs to go, uplifting you and whoever is in its wake. Be a reflection of source. Ever present in every situation and reflecting love. Taking out all of the clutter that hinders this receiving and channeling.The clutter …of thoughts expectations […]