There is a difference between doing and being (your divinity). Doing focusses so much on the action that the essence of it sometimes can be lost in the actions. Being is effortless …it is merely being mindful of what you have learnt or remembered about who you really are and then proceeding with your day […]


There is a separation happening …she feels it deep within , without wanting it, without even wanting to acknowledge it is. The separation of who she was, and the who, that is. The one that was ….. that was dads little girl , lapping up all his wisdom with wide eyes , the one that […]


You caught that branch as you drifted past it….wanting it to ground you…still you….soothe you. Give you a sense of belonging. The pull of the natural flow of things is now breaking that hold on that branch. Let go. What are you so afraid of ? A new beginning ? Or a new ending ? […]