Nothing catches your ego minds attention as someone in dissent or disharmony. That is because , that is drama , and your ego mind loves and thrives on drama. It ensures that you remain in oblivion to your true unlimited nature, your natural inclusive self. Step out of that temptation to join in that conversation […]


Speaking your truth can scare most people. They do not want raw , jagged, uncomfortable truth. Hiding from their own truths, sitting in their safe zones, your truth reminds them of theirs. The truth that they have tried so hard, to suppress , transmute , dull down or ignore. Desperately , they want you to […]


Living close to the surface, treading water in the shallows….fooling yourself into believing its safe. The depths call out to you. Plunge in , they say ! Never mind the shredding of your heart….the ripping apart of the shells covering your naked soul ….plunge in ! Plunge into the depths of what you fear the […]