The universe is always giving me feedback on my predominant thoughts.

If I see unpleasantness and drama around me most of the time, then the source is me.

If I see joy and gratitude , the source is me.

If I see sickness and ill health , the source is me.

If I see compassion and kindness, the source is me .

If I see unfairness and judgement, the source is me.

If I see love and magic , the source is me.

Whatever I focus upon, I give energy to and therefore bring more of, into my life. 

Knowing this empowers me, releases me from the shackles of feeling like a victim.

If the source is me, then I am not, and have never been, a victim.

I am, instead, writing the script of my life, as I go along. I can choose to edit the script, to change what I bring into my experience.

The Source, after all, is me.

Published by mehrmavlana

A soul on a journey inward !

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