Our feeling of safety is determined by how solid our foundation feels to us.

However we feel our foundation needs to be rock solid and never changing. Our foundation can be the people we love , the relationships we hold dear, the ideas we have about ourselves and others,the ideas and beliefs we have, the way we see the world and so on.

We are also encouraged in building solid foundations and are told time and again how important the strength of these foundations are.

“Get a solid educational foundation/ marriage / relationships / belief systems/ traditions / value system “etc etc, and these are ideas then, that we pass on to our children along with the underlying fear of things shifting, changing.

Leaving them totally unprepared for the only thing that is true of every life – change.

So often we go into deep grief and fear, when we see our foundation is not as rock solid as we wanted it to be.

If we are, ever evolving energy, and everything that surrounds us is also energy, then our foundations are also just that.

Ever evolving energy.

So if we made friends with the idea that everytime we evolve and create a new balance where ever we are, then that is our new foundation and that our foundation evolves as we do, then we will never feel uprooted or upset or fearful of things / people/ relationships/ our ideas and beliefs changing in our lives.

We will learn to flow with the change.

We might even learn to thrive as we change.

All we need to do is, see the true nature of it all.


And embrace wherever we are.

On Death

I often wonder how we would LIVE, if we didn’t fear death ?

If we could discuss it as easily as we discuss life.

If we embraced it and celebrated it as easily as we embrace and celebrate each anniversary of every birth?

How would we LIVE, if we became besties with death ?

If the mere thought of it did not leave us quaking with the fear of loss.
If everyone we knew, started to change the way they viewed it as well and supported us in celebrating this incredible journey.
Not only the beginning or the end……. but the entire journey ?

What if we all cheered for every soul that lived and with whom we had the privelege of this life experience ?

Cheered them on to another experience…with love and gladness in our hearts ?
Tears in our eyes, yes, because we would miss them in their physical form, but with so much love washing over us ?

How would we LIVE, I wonder, if we loved Death as well as we love LIFE ?

Perfection ?

The more you view anything in terms of being absolutes,
The more you struggle with the concept of balancing those absolutes.

when you step out of that concept
Automatically there IS balance and perfection.

The perfection that was ALWAYS there, but one that you could never perceive in the pursuit of trying to balance the absolutes.

Empaths subtle coping mechanism

Empaths coping mechanism…an insight into one of the subtler ways of coping with overwhelm

Sometimes a sensitive person or an empath starts to use “woundology” as a way to connect with people as it has become their default programming.

It usually starts in childhood when the child notices that speaking about the things that are going ” wrong ” in their lives, inadvertently protects them from further onslaughts on their senses.
Where people start to tiptoe around them, nurture them or are more sensitive to their feelings because they start talking about how unfairly life has treated them or how hurt they already are.
It is almost like an unspoken plea,” Please don’t make me feel more overwhelmed. I can’t take it. “

Also, because they are empaths, they will do ANYTHING to spare peoples feelings, so they will find it extremely difficult to state boundaries clearly or simply say NO.

As empaths, they also find it tough to handle rejection and disapproval as they feel these more acutely in their bodies. It is almost unbearable. So they would rather deflect, than take a direct route to establishing clear boundaries.

This happens when their environment causes them to feel unsafe and has too much coming at them or too much happening in their environment which makes them feel overwhelmed.

As a result, they tune into their wounds and start to speak about how difficult life is for them. They focus on their wounds, on things that are going wrong, and whilst this brings a respite from the overwhelm and they unconsciously start to protect themselves in this manner in all of the areas of their lives, it also attracts more situations to be wounded about. Whatever we focus upon expands in our experience, afterall.

This is only one of the coping mechanisms but since it is so subtle, it is sometimes tough to recognise.

When empaths start to empower themselves by becoming more aware and conscious of their own ways of dealing with their experiences and indeed more open to being vulnerable again, then any situation that used to overwhelm them has the potential to have them instinctively go back into the ” fight or flight ” response, which is truly what woundology really is.

At this juncture, it is important to remember that connecting to anyone this way did not give them great results and only a mediocre connection. More importantly, it left them feeling inauthentic and even more disempowered as their experience was now controlled by their own wounds.

It is even more important at this juncture to remain in their strength and express their unique truth honestly and clearly.

This need not be hurtful to others at all. If it is consciously coming from an empowered energy, it will be still calm and gentle yet firm.
A mild example of this is , if someone asks you to do something which is something you don’t want to do, instead of saying NO, simply and clearly, you go into explaining in great detail how life is already so tough for you and how you already have so much to deal with.

This is a default defense mechanism.

If you become aware, then saying no comes with no inner need to explain why you are saying no or needing people to understand your point of view.

Loving yourself, sometimes means having the courage to face your coping mechanisms and choosing to let them go, even if it feels scary at first ”


” Each day is a new start. Your yesterdays do not define who you are or what you can achieve.”

These words came clearly to me in my dream, just before I woke up today.

A lot of what comes through in our dreams can help us integrate our experiences, learn and grow.

The world of energy healing and balancing, has to be navigated through feeling and deep knowing and therefore through what is often referred to as , ” blind ” faith.
Seeing things with our eyes, often fails to bring as much clarity, because our sight carries with it, conditioning from what we have “seen” and experienced earlier and so carries with it, past programming which colours our perception of the present moment.
Instead, when we FEEL our way through, we have to rely on our inner knowing and that opens us up to new’er’ information.
Therefore improving our receptiveness and therefore our clarity.

When we pray or meditate, we close our eyes…..even when we wish to receive guidance from our higher selves, we close our eyes so that we can tune in, more effectively, without the visual inputs to distract us. 

This enables us then, to make better choices through loving kindness towards ourselves and with a clearer intentionality towards what we really want to create in our life experiences.


We are given an energy body which is divided into 3 main parts….mental, emotional, physical (there are others, but in the human experience, these are the ones we are consciously aware of and affect, with the choices we make on a daily basis.)

There is a reason behind this.

Being human, we have to learn how to balance and be in optimum health in all of these parts.

Learning this balance is a very basic part of our souls “learning experience”, at every stage of its growth.

  It is ALSO a sign of the souls maturity, when it is able to understand the importance of achieving this sense of balance AND does so, seemingly effortlessly.
Not too much focus on any ONE of these areas but instead on all equally, without obsessing over them.

Most spiritual masters/ teachers have been in this state of balance.

When we focus on any ONE part and NOT the others, there is an imbalance that is created which, sooner or later, causes us distress.
Also, when we expose ourselves to stimuli that appeals to only one part of us, it leaves us feeling hollow and incomplete.
For example, if we focus only on physical pleasure (addictions of any sort), they leave us feeling hollow and only give a very temperary satisfaction.
If we focus too much on mental pursuits but do not nurture the physical and emotional, we end up feeling overwhelmed and confused.
Whereas, if we were to start moving our body, it causes our emotional body to feel better too (release of happy hormones) and then automatically our mental body functions better…..the confusion lessens.
If we only focus on the emotional body and do not take care of our physical or mental body, similarly there will be an imbalance, sooner or later, in the way we deal with and process life.
Anxiety / panic attacks, depression and a host of mental and emotional challenges that a lot of people are facing these days is due to this imbalance.

Once we understand WHY it is important to keep it all in a state of balance, and we take the ACTION steps required, then we give ourselves the opportunity to thrive, to learn, to grow.

Our energy body has these distinctive parts also because it serves as a backup/default way to help us still grow, learn and thrive in case one part needs help or assistance.

The Para Olympics is a prime example of people who are physically challenged but whose mental & emotional bodies do the heavy lifting and they achieve amazing feats.

If we are to always take care of these aspects of our health and keep them in a state of balance, then when life throws us curve balls as a learning experience, we are better able to handle them and move on with grace.

Younger souls vs Older souls

All souls are divine beings in a human form.

Young and old. As for being powerful, it depends on what we mean by powerful.

All souls have the ability to powerfully create jannat (Heaven) or jahannum (Hell), for themselves and others, here on the earth plane…through their beliefs, thoughts , actions.

The difference between old and younger souls generally is this….

Younger souls are steeped in fear and operate from that fear.
Older souls gravitate towards Love, having come into this illusion many many times and starting to realise that operating from fear did not really alleviate suffering or create something that felt good.

Also the pull back to Source is magnetic in Older souls.

Their compassion and empathy for themselves and others has increased and they start to see the commonality vs the differences in the human collective. They start to know that if something affects them, it affects all beings and vice versa.

Younger souls ( depending on where they are in their journey do not have time for this understanding) as they are so steeped in this illusion, so it is ” every man for himself “
They do whatever it takes to ” get to the top”, ” compete” and they focus on their earthly desires. In fact that is what motivates them.
Older souls see through these earthly desires and I personally feel that they enjoy these more whilst not getting obsessed with having them or accumulating them. They know that human desires are not what lasts or is real. Its part of the illusion. So if they have, good …if they don’t, good too.

They know their real focus lies inwards.

That journey back to that unconditional source of Love.

The LOVE that pales all else in comparision.

What are our children inheriting ?

Those that feel unworthy and inadequate themselves and are not aware of it, seek desperately to see imperfections and unworthiness in others too.
By doing so, they hope to achieve a sense of feeling better about themselves.
They become critical and judgemental in all their relationships, if not overtly, then covertly.
The worst aspect of this, is the impact they have on their children. Children are naturally more vulnerable and if authority figures in their lives see the whole world, including them as being not worthy or worthy only if certain conditions are met, then that child will also grow up also feeling inadequate and not worthy.
They will look at themselves and the world in a skewed way.
It takes a LOT of digging in deep to understand this.
Sometimes this damage is done over generations and generations.
Hurt people hurt other people.
And most of the times the hurt is so deep that they themselves are not aware of the hurt they carry deep inside them.

Healed people help others heal too. They seek to soothe, to inspire and to elevate consciousness. They see love outside as they themselves carry love inside. This is not a sudden transistion in most cases.

But to shift to having more love on the inside and less hurt., no matter how slow the process, is ALWAYS worth it.

Light workers ?

Most of us ” healers ” and ” way-show- ers”,
” lightworkers” have had to GO through our own pain, suffering, losing our way and dwelling in darkness.

And in the process of healing from our own pain, our own suffering and finding our way out, we start to do it for others.

We know it can be done. We know what is possible. We have touched darkness in different ways and are familiar or are getting familiar with finding our way back into the light even if we have stumbled , lost our way and fallen many, many times.

We are not ” love and light ” for nothing.

We don’t, believe in hope and have faith in faith, for nothing.

Infact we are NOT all love and light, we just carry a bit more of it than our darkness, BECAUSE we have been the opposite and found it sucks.
Sucks big time.

Its a never ending downward spiral that takes you deeper and deeper into a seemingly never ending darkness.
In most cases, we have realised the futility of going down further and some before us, have shone the light down for us and we have clawed our way out, bit by bit, getting closer and closer to the light.
Then we have realised, it can be done.
If we could do it, others can too.

So we in turn have taken the light and shone it down, so someone can spot it and make their way up…..just like we did.

Each one of us can do this at some time or the other in our journey.
Each one of us can overcome, and through our own journeys to the Light, help others to find their way……just like we did.
So lightworkers ?

More like ” light bearers”, ” light holders ” ” torches”, ” Lanterns ” even tiny ” night bulbs”

All of those who see even a glimmer of it and carry more of the light as compared to the darkness……and can show the others that, ” yes there is light”

To be on this path of healing

  1. Be open
  2. Be BOLD and COURAGEOUS in introspecting.
  3. Tell yourself the truth.
    Have the courage to face your truth.
    Speak your truth.
    Be your truth.
    Stand by your truth. Sometimes it shall be tough….but it shall ALWAYS be worth it.
  4. BE HUMBLE (you will fall flat on your face MANY, MANY, MANY TIMES) ….if you remain humble, it shall be soooooooo much easier to pick yourself up with a laugh and sooooo much easier to move on and let go.
  5. Be unfailingly kind in every situation. Towards yourself and others.
  6. Forgive and let go….forgive, forgive, forgive…its like cleaning your closet……do it often…. ….let go of things, people and situations that no longer ” spark Joy ” in you. (Thank you Marie Kondo for that phrase). Life is just too precious and too exciting to drag around resentments and people who are not good for your soul.
  7. Maintain and nurture your ability to laugh at it all.
  8. Do something creative JUST FOR THE JOY OF IT.
  9. Find and keep your tribe close. They are invaluable in encouraging, uplifting, reminding and most importantly loving you when you need it the most.
  10. Stay aware and curious. Keep a beginners mindset. Looking for answers makes them come to you much quicker than if you felt you knew it all.
  11. Follow LOVE not fear. Focus on Love not fear. Embrace your fear and smother it with LOVE.
  12. Always, Always believe you can.
  14. Have faith in faith. Believe in magic, in miracles , in goodness, in joy, in prayers….this faith carries you through the tough bits.