Dis- illusionment

There is something to be said for disillusionment.
It merely means, not buying into an illusion anymore.

Of perceiving something, as it really is, and not how your illusion caused you to see it.

Disillusionment is often associated with pain, hurt and disappointment.

However, this same disillusionment has the potential to bring you closer to clarity.

Clarity that is like a bright light shining on the path ahead of you.

Clarity that makes decisions so much easier. Clarity that helps you stay centred and grounded.

The way I perceive it, a hut built on solid ground is way better than a palace in a mirage.

Insights into the working of the MIND

I notice that when I look at things usually, I don’t really LOOK at them.

I almost assume they are there.

It is because, in my past experience, I have known them to be there.

My mind uses these things as hooks and triggers to generate stories which have very little to do with what I actually SEE in the moment. These stories have very little coherence and my mind jumps from one thing to another creating chaos and distractions.

My mind, when focussed on observing something (because it has been tasked to do so) has the ability to zone out everything else and therefore can be trained to focus and not be chaotic.

My mind creates the stories around people, places, things that I observe.
Most stories are created because of the past beliefs I have around these which in turn have either come from what I have experienced or have learnt from others experiences.
These beliefs act as hooks to past experiences or past” knowings”, which  then act as triggers and taint new and fresh experiences with old ideas and experiences, not allowing me to experience them as if Im doing so for the first time, which makes me (over time) lose my sense of wonder, enthusiasm and joy.

What if I started to look at people, places and things as if I was looking at them for the very first time.
Would that not enhance all of my senses ? Would that not make everything novel and exciting ?

My mind is what eventually makes me jaded, cynical or bitter.
My heart in turn is affected by my minds chatter. My mind taints the beauty of my soul if I allow it to and eventually shuts me down.
However if my heart remains in charge and becomes stronger in its influence over me than my mind, its beautiful acceptance, faith, joy, stillness and love eventually soothes the mind and I remain ALIVE AND ALIGHT.

Dissolving into Life

Dissolve into life until there is no more a
” you” that is separate from it.
Until YOU become life itself….
Like sugar stirred into hot tea.
All you can taste is the sweetness…you cannot separate the sugar from the water or tea leaves.

All is One.

We stand out, looking in, trying to understand ourselves so that we can control our lives and can go in a ‘desired’ direction.

We can never truly understand life by being outside of it, being separate from it.

Dissolving, surrendering is the final step…that final death of the ego.

It usually happens when we leave our physical bodies and go back to spirit. However, it is possible for us even whilst we are still in our physical forms.

We can start by choosing to let go of that which we have carefully nurtured and fiercely protected – our individual identities.

We can choose this,little by little, in baby steps, by not being so strong in our likes and dislikes, and thereafter by training ourselves to become mere observers of the one that ” likes ” and “dislikes”.

After that, we can choose to disengage gently but firmly with the illusion of the ” desirable” and “undesirable”.

We surrender, we merge, we fuse with all that is.
With grace, with love, with joy.

Selflessness in its purest form.

Being nothing ….but becoming everything.

– Simi

The Ultimate Truth

To be on the spiritual quest, merely means that you go towards seeing the Light….the truth more and more clearly.

The truth is, that you are wired to seek a feeling of well being and joy.
Your mind makes you believe that this joy and feeling of well being is based on external factors. You then seek to control, manipulate or influence these external factors.

But the truth is your mind will never ever reach a place of satisfaction or completion.

The truth is, that by listening to your mind and buying into its projections, you are on a journey that takes you nowhere.
Like a hamster on a wheel.

Sometimes happy and sometimes miserable but getting nowhere close to real permanent “well beingness”, because your well being is dependent on everything outside of you !

The truth is that you are not your mind but the consciousness observing the mind.

The truth is that EVERYTHING outside of you will ALWAYS be a variable that you have NO true control over.

The truth is that you have a choice.

The choice to center yourself in your consciousness and remain unperturbed by all that is external.

That is the truth.

That is finally seeing what has been true all along.

Urgency – the indicator of imbalance

From my dads garden

If you feel like your inner journey is so fascinating that your external environment irritates you, and you just want to be ‘ left alone’ to focus inwards….then its time to come back into balance.
The whole point of your inner work is to come to a state of balance and equanimity.

To be able to come to this state of complete peace and stillness inside of  you, which is then effortlessly reflected in your being.


Feeling a sense of urgency is a clear indication that your ego has taken over, because ……
Your spirit operates outside the confines of time and is therefore, never in a hurry.

The way of Love

From my spirit self

” You are so loved, so supported, so kindly looked upon, so cherished.

You continue to do what gives you joy and utmost satisfaction and enables you to be free.

Freedom is essential for your joy.

Feeling free is an important value for everyone.

Be considerate of your freedom and you will automatically be considerate of the freedom of others.

In baby indiscernible steps, withdraw control and energy from anything that does not align to freedom- yours and that of those in your life.

Me – ” Isn’t everyone responsible for their own paths ? “

SS- Yes they are but you play a role in their lives and karmic entanglements occur when your ‘ beingness’ intrudes upon their lives and influences their decisions.

Me – So am I supposed to be a non entity ?

Ss- No just be Love.
Love does not bind.
Love frees.
Love believes
Love holds but does not hold on.
Love breathes freely and allows breath in all.
The divine breath.
Breath connects us all.
Isn’t that enough?
The emerging and merging back into source and sharing the breath.

What you want should be extended out first.
That is how it works in your world.
If you want love, open your heart and give it first.
If you want meaningful connections, be authentic and be prepared for it to be meaningful and not just on the surface.

Glow with your own unique light and encourage others to glow in their unique Light. Whilst you are responsible for your light, you can celebrate and encourage the lights in others.

Use Reflection and introspection.

Set doubt aside.

If you feel happy, peaceful and do not need validation you are on the right path

Wear your ” God Spectacles ” and ” find” me everywhere. In everyone and in everything.
If there is only one thing you do, it is to look at everyone with ‘God Eyes”

The Light within

There is a deep knowing of what feels right and what does not, however no sense of ” righteousness ” prevails, as we go along , learning and growing.
Just an understanding of what we shall or shall not want in our experience.
No desire to explain.
No way to explain.
And oh, the compassion !
The Love !
As Righteousness disappears, it makes space for Love
So much Love !
Not any of the kinds we felt before
A deep pervasive Love.
No agenda’s
No bias
Just there
Filling up the dark spaces
Lighting us up from within


Photo courtesy Liam Gregory

Normalising Spirituality

Lets normalise Spirituality.

Spirit is who you ARE.

Whether you are conscious of it or not.

Spirit is the bigger part of who you really are.

Hence when you are aware of this truth, you are spiritual.

Reading religious texts or going to places of worship is not what makes you spiritual.

You already are that.

You do not need the holy beads, incense sticks, crystals and long robes. You do not need to talk or walk a certain way. You do not need to only eat or drink certain things. You do not need to “abstain” from human desires to be spiritual.

You are ALREADY that.

You do not need to travel long distances to commune with SOURCE/ DIVINE / GOD ( you choose the name- it all means the same)

You can commune with the Divine Source whilst seated on your toilet seat or in the park or in the middle of a traffic jam.

Look around you.

Look at the birds, the flowers, the trees, animals, other human beings. Look at everything.
Look into peoples eyes.
Look into your own eyes.
Tell me what you see.

Where and what and who is excluded from the Divine Source of all ?

You will eventually find the answer –

“NOWHERE, NOTHING and NO ONE is excluded from the Divine Source”

All is spirit expressed in different forms.

When you reach this ultimate truth about yourself and everything you perceive in your world, you will permanently raise your vibrational frequency.

Nothing will have the power to throw you off your balance.

There will be nothing that will affect your peace, your bliss.

You will walk this world with the constant awareness of source IN you and source OUTSIDE of you until even the IN and OUT merges and all becomes THE ONE.

Moving towards yourself

A natural reaction of your human aspect is to go into guilt and retreat in fear when you try to break away from ego / group consciousness.

Especially if those around you do not understand.

When they feel as if you are leaving them behind. When they protest or act up in order to make you feel bad and make you stay.

Treat all of this upheaval,  kindly and with compassion.

As you step more and more into your much bigger spirit aspect, all of these feelings of doubt, nervousness and guilt shall gradually drop away.

With alignment to your higher self, there is more trust, more peace, more clarity, more compassion.

It is SO worth losing everyone just to find your true self.

When you do that, the ones that are aligned to your highest nature find their way to you.

They vibrate at the same frequencies and become your new people.

It is worth the pain, the disillusionment, the heartbreak.

Finding your true self is worth all of it.


Just as there are different levels of bondages, there are different levels of freedom available to us.

The bondages that stem from the ego mind are desires for more obvious things…..name, fame, money, power, prestige and subtler ones for example, the desire to be accepted, honoured, understood, cherished.

As we walk into the truth of who we are, more and more, the easier it gets to liberate ourselves from the bondages.
We realise we need none of these bondages to be happy.
That to be free of these bondages gives us freedom and joy.
Truth sets us free.
Love for the Divine pales all else in comparision and when our eyes are set firmly towards the one true relationship – our relationship with God…..all else comes into clear perspective.

Satnam Satnam – sada Satnam
Japman Satnam sada satnam

” Chant oh my mind, the True Name “