When we are asked a question, the part of us which is the ego mind usually jumps in trying to quickly answer.
Why ?
Because it wants to appear knowledgeable (its sense of worth is connected to how much it knows and how you are perceived by others) or because it does not want to appear ignorant (fear).

The problem with this approach, is that the ” answers ” are coming from your subconscious bank.. They do not necessarily work all the time and feel mechanical. They do not touch you or another with as much impact. They are not coming from your ” heart space.”
Your subconscious bank is built up by a lot of your own conditioning and belief systems developed over years and years.

However vast it may be, it is still limited information.

Whereas you can have access to unlimited information, if you hit the pause button and then channel the answer instead.

Have you noticed that the only way we can channel correct , profound and dynamic information, is by going into silence. The going into silence is us hitting that pause button, accepting that we do not know it all from our limited subconscious and conscious state and asking and allowing thereafter.

When we pause and accept that we know nothing…we have an “empty” space, that then allows for the ” knowing ” to come in. This is far more profound, simple and therefore more effective in hitting home.

Another reason we should hit the pause button often and go within before we jump in to talk.

In addition to this , there is a welcome relief from the pressure the egoic mind has on us, the pressure of ‘knowing it all’.

Its such a relief, to feel within your body, that you know nothing.

When you come from a place of knowing nothing , you allow the one that really knows it all, to step in.

The Wisdom Of Letting Go

Being able to let go, is a leap of faith.
Faith in the deep eternal wisdom of the universe.
That no matter how it looks, you will be held.
You will be fine.
Whether its people you are letting go off, or hurtful feelings , knowing that it all happens perfectly, in perfect timing, in perfect sequence and for perfect reasons.
All of us indeed are gently led by love to let go.
Like a mother letting her child walk by himself for the first time, hands hovering …not to catch him if he falls because she knows he is safe, but to soothe his hurt if he falls and frightens himself.
We all fall and hurt ourselves until we do not fear falling and are able to navigate our way with confidence, slowly recognising that we are always held, always soothed.
All of us face this fear of letting go at different times and in different ways, but we all face the ultimate letting go before we can finally understand it all……the ultimate leap of faith. All this is beautifully planned….we go at our own unique paces and carve our own unique paths. Never pulled or pushed beyond what we are ready for. We choose whether it shall be easy or tough. The resistance we put up because we don’t understand yet. And as the understanding grows, so does our faith. And then we come to it.

The surrendering.

In surrendering, we are lifted up in love.

We are lifted up with love.

In surrendering, we finally become what we always were.


Shine Bright

We are all in this together.

We all have something in common. We all go through the ups and downs that life brings. The thing to be really grateful for, is that we are all going through it all, at different times of our lives. Some have gone through, much earlier , what we are going through now. So if we are brave enough to ask for help, there is always someone who can point us in the right direction or even hold our hand and reassure us, having gone through it themselves.
We all have different strengths or gifts too. By allowing our gifts to shine bright, we might unknowingly become a beacon of help to someone struggling. Don’t fall into the egoic trap of worrying about , ” Is my light too bright / too dim? Does it bother someone ? Can it really be seen ?  Is it really helping someone ? Am I showing off?”

All these come from a place of fear and judgement. Definitely not from your soul. 
So find out what makes you shine and then just go on and let yourself shine bright.


It always starts with me.

I create my own reality, my own experiences, because it always starts with me. I send out the Boomerangs and Boomerangs …..well they come back.

I send out the ‘good’ ones -boomerangs of love, joy , acceptance, faith, hope, enthusiasm, upliftment etc AND I send out the ‘bad’ ones (pettiness, anger, criticism, worry, sadness etc)

The good ones are good because they align to the highest consciousness within me…the very best of me. The bad ones are bad because they do not align…as simple as that.


Im either showered with good ones or whacked on my head with the bad ones.

Here is the trap –

I take ownership for the good ones and I disown the bad. I look outside of me and yell, ” Who threw that Boomerang at me?” I go blue in the face blaming and critisizing and then feeling so sorry for myself, forgetting that it always starts with me.

Now here is the understanding that shifts me out of this trap. A trap I set for myself.

1) Acceptance- it is what it is.
2) Empowerment – My response is in my control
3) Understanding – my predominant thoughts based on my conditioning and beliefs creates my experience.
4) Knowing – It ALWAYS starts with me. I SEND OUT what eventually finds its way back to me ( the Law of Karma )
5) Equanimity….my focus firmly remains on my alignment with my divine self ( the highest consciousness within me), no matter what comes my way. I calmly accept it all and follow through with the same steps listed above.
I do not let praise raise me up…. nor allow blame to permeate my sense of alignment. With consistent practise and focus, joy and sorrow are eventually both treated the same by me.

It is THIS clarity that finally takes away my suffering.

Spiritual Process

Another understanding that settled in …monks in seclusion for years , people in spiritual retreats where there is no spoken communication for days or months , sadhus going to meditate by themselves in the mountains……all of these have some reasons, goals and benefits in common.

  1. The focus turns inwards, where the answers are truly found. Lack of others to communicate with, forces one into communication within and eventually leads to the deeper knowing. This kind of knowing is precious and way more effective than the knowledge that comes from someone else’s experience and perspective.

2) The consistency of spiritual practice.
When one focusses on being in alignment with the highest ways of being consistently.
Purity in thoughts with no external contamination…..and the seclusion forces you into confronting your own inner thoughts which are not pure (as there is no putting that off). This process leads to a refining and purification of your thought process out of necessity. If one does not purify and change the thoughts to a higher vibration, then I imagine it must be extremely unpleasant to experience them alone , knowing that these thoughts and the energy they bring cannot be shoved aside or blamed on anyone else.
They have to be dealt with …and when they are dealt with the consistency of applying spiritual guidelines to them then the process is easier and liberating in its attainment.

3) The illusion falls away faster so the suffering is overcome by understanding.

4) The consistency fortifies the soul strength. Fills it up. The way of being in alignment, then becomes the new way of being. Any other way becomes unnatural and therefore uncomfortable.

When one again re establishes contact with the world or comes back into the same human illusion , one can then operate from a different level of alignment which is less likely to shake. Less likely to go back to the illusion. The stronger the alignment the less likely it is to go back to the old unhealthy thoughts. The more the consistency of practice, the stronger the alignment.
We can also achieve this without needing to go into caves or mountaintops.
The consistency of practise …the focus …the shutting out of the outside noise consistently are what we can all achieve anywhere.
And not treating it as two separate things
The quiet times in meditation or contemplation are the preparation for exams.
The time spent with others is not only the practicals but eventually the tests.

Knowing and being (application) are both important.
Contemplation is important .

Contemplation of spiritual truths or principles.

Contemplation of people and their motives or trying to figure them out is a rabbit hole to nowhere.
The energy if one considers the two options above, itself FEELS different.

A contemplation of spiritual principles / concepts/ truths with a view to understanding them, comes from humility , of not knowing and leads to satisfaction and a feeling of upliftment.

In contemplation of people on the other hand, judgement can sneak in. And that lowers the energetic vibration instantly and considerably.

This leads to the tricky energetic quicksand of gossip and speculation which feels different in your body. Draining of ones energy.

On asking for and giving direction ….if one stays in the safer , cleaner , higher vibrational area of spiritual truths, there is more of a likelihood of satisfaction and mutual upliftment.

If however, either goes into the murkiness of individual contemplation of peoples issues…there is never any real solution and there is also a mutual lowering of energy. This makes this very undesirable to one that has become sensitive to ones own energy.


What if ….
What if everything I ” know “, is a lie?

What if everything I know, is the opposite if what actually is ?

What if the things that Ive been told, matter….
Matter not so much ?
And the things Ive been told are a waste of my time……are what truly matter?

The only way to tune into the truth is to tune into my own.
Because everyones truth is true …..only for them.
Tune into the knowing, I carry deep inside…..

With an open heart and mind

Prepared to find, that my world is upside down
Prepared to know, that I do not Know anything at all.
Prepared to let go of all the knowing Ive based my life on, so far.

What if I realised, that accepting what IS, was way better than lofty ideals ?

What if what I thought was ‘wrong’ was ‘right’, and the ‘right’ I fought for, with so much righteousness, was ‘wrong’?

What if maybe , there wasn’t even a right or a wrong ?

What if ……..there was no heaven or hell ? What if, it was right here , created by me , in every moment, based on what I chose?

What if ‘being alive’ was only a dream and death was the door to finally awaken from it ?

What if the people I viewed as my foes were actually the ones who were my biggest teachers?
What if they actually loved me the most ?
Loved me enough, to push me into learning lessons, I would not learn otherwise….lessons that my soul wanted to learn.

What if dreams were real and the beings I met in them, too ?

What if preparing for tomorrow was not as important as living in the moment today?

What if a prestigious degree meant nothing and a simple job that gave me joy, meant everything ?

What if, the fearful thoughts my mind generated, were nothing but a bunch of vicious lies ? What if what my heart said to me was the only truth?

What if ?


Let go of your ideas of yourself.
Empty yourself not of yourself….but of the ideas you have picked up ABOUT yourself, along the way.
You are not all you think you are and yet when you can look beyond the natural limitations of that vision which is merely an illusion , you will be able to finally sense ALL that you truly are.
That is way more helpful to you and those you serve.
Emptying yourself of one way just to fill yourself with what you have understood to be a more desirable version, is not true emptying.
True emptying means the you that you think is you, no longer exists. “

The time leading upto now was to fill ourselves up so we could be grounded in this, find our feet.
Now that that is done, we are being led to emptying ourselves. This is a natural progression.

“Its not about you” …is what Im getting over and over. Not in a mean way. Its with so much love and gentleness.
Its about being empty so that there is a true channeling of the full spectrum of light. Of love.
The 1st phase ….was to bring about self awareness, compassion and love towards self…putting up boundaries for this reason , grounding and making us confident in ourselves.
Now is the next phase.
Of going outwards…full of emptiness…the kind of emptiness that can hold space. No longer about us individually. Its about Alllll of us collectively

A NEW YEARS MESSAGE from me ….to me

Be vulnerable.
In your vulnerability, lies your authenticity.

Be empty
Your emptiness allows for the fullness of life

Be honest and raw
The rawness allows for real connection

Be full of faith
Its Faith that opens the door to miracles

Let go of expectations

When expectations leave, joy returns

Be willing to face what you fear
The fears won’t seem so fearsome after all

Empty yourself of all your “longings “
The longings blind you to the blessings that are already present in your life

Don’t look to the future nor get stuck in the past,
Its only in the “Now” moment, that true magic lasts


The incessant struggle between the knowing and the yearning…..

The knowing, slowly leading to stillness, to acceptance…with brief glimpses of the unhindered joy, that waits patiently.

The acceptance of what is…..

And yet, the dying throes of the yearning still hurts …still causes pain

The observance of this pain comes and goes….sometimes as the observer and sometimes intertwined unrecognisably with the pain.

And yet the knowing of that joy that lies beneath….that knowing gives hope.

The knowing that there is a choice ….a choice in letting go now so the struggle can cease.

The knowing that becomes stronger and calmer and stays longer and longer ….much longer than the pain.

The hope that one day soon, the knowing will be all thats left.


Each one carries their wounds differently.

Some are carried with neon signs so they cannot be missed , some deeply hidden inside, but causing the same pain.
Some like to talk about them incessantly and some not at all. Some look for healing , some keep their wounds fresh because they are not yet ready to let go of them.

Even the wounds we carry are not the same.
Some are open wounds, some merely scars.
Some many, some few.

The point is we all do.

How we treat them, what we do with them, whether we learn from them (or not), how we choose(or not) to heal them, is different but make no mistake, we all have wounds and we carry them differently.

Once we are sure of this, we must tend to our own paths whilst being kind to all those we cross paths with.