How can you ‘forgive’ someone for just being them?

You don’t forgive.

You understand.

Or atleast you ‘ try ‘ to understand.

Most times when you perceive people have wronged you , its because you have your own notions of ‘ right ‘ and ‘ wrong’ and they have theirs.
Its interesting to note that their concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are AS true for them as yours are for you.

So what gives in a situation like this?

Understanding , empathy and compassion.

These overcome the whole confusion because in order to access them , you have to step up to a whole new level…leaving the precious ‘ Rights’ and ‘wrongs’ below.

Only then are you able to see the bigger picture.

Understanding precedes (and sometimes even takes away the need for) forgiveness.


You truly cease to judge others ONLY when you have ceased judging yourself.

When you can look back at your journey without squirming , feeling ashamed, feeling like a victim or feeling  accomplished and proud.
Feeling only love , acceptance and being able to belly laugh at your ‘ digressions ‘ or ‘ mistakes.’
Knowing that it was all a part of the journey and you would not change anything about any of it. Completely accept ALL of it, without feeling the need to explain any of it or make excuses for any of it.

A quiet and complete acceptance.

Only then can you truly be that for others.


It all may be just an illusion , but the point is that LOVE IS REAL.

I just got this and it seems to be the crux of it all.
The important thing to keep from losing faith in it all.
That love is NOT and never was a part of the illusion. It is the only thing that is and has always been really REAL.

I was losing faith in the process of holding up, reaching out and being there along the way, thinking if it is all an illusion then whats the point in trying to help or sort it out or make people remember their own true power, of trying to get them to see themselves as the empowered beings they truly are. Of trying to get them to see how I see them.

But if Love is real…then what I feel for them is real.

And that means that they can feel that love.

And if so , thats all I need to do.


Caterpiller to Butterfly

Think of yourself as a caterpillar who is going through all the different transformative changes that are not only inevitable but absolutely necessary to become what it was always meant to become ….a beautiful vibrant butterfly.

Along this journey of life and remembering who you are , you will lose many people…because as you grow and change, your vibrations no longer attract them. Your vibrations become different. Do not hold on.

Let go.

Wish them well.

You focus on you and on this transformation for now. When you settle into your new vibrations of being the butterfly, you will attract a new tribe. You will not have to do a thing to attract this new tribe. They will be drawn to you and it will be a natural process.

FOR HEALERS ( and all of us are that in one form or another)

A message I received –

“They look at you with hope and faith. Their faith lies in something that they do not understand but what they hope you understand.
Do not turn cynical. It is pointless and does not suit your purpose. Your main purpose is to remind them of their own powers and not to make them feel as if there is a problem that needs to be sorted. By living your own life at the hightest level you are already helping. By choosing compassion not judgement, by choosing immense, complete faith. This ( process) is for you to build your faith. Not anyone else’s. You see you cannot build anyone else’s faith unless yours is rock solid.

This is that process.

The blind faith that your prayers are heard, will make you pray again. The faith that I listen to your plea’s and your talking to me all the time..will make you once again confide in me.
When problems happen you have no choice but to seek me in faith. Think of every thing in life like that. That will build your compassion . Your ability to feel into their anxiety and soothe them. The ability to be there to listen . To be that calming presence. They don’t need judgement and ridicule. They have enough of that. They need a safe haven for a bit to build their faith in themselves. Thats ALL you need to do. You are not expected to move mountains for them.That was never expected from you. So don’t be harsh on yourself and hold yourself responsible for ‘failures’ . There is no such thing.
You know this.
Keep on in faith and in joy and remind people to laugh , to have fun to have faith most of all.

That is all you need to really do.

All of you.

Be there for one another.


Anything that triggers you, reveals to you parts of yourself, that are yet to be healed.

You learn as you go along that you definitely cannot change anyone else and their beliefs. See how hard it is to change our own beliefs in the first place.
So take it as a given that their thoughts , beliefs ,words and actions are not in your control.

It is more useful to examine your own beliefs that cause you distress ( even if they are in relation to them)

The hurt comes when you feel your perspective of a situation is correct and you want them to concede to that point of view. Or atleast not oppose it.
Your perspective is just that…it is YOUR unique way of looking at something.

If I am to give you an example. There is a huge statue. A lot of people are made to stand around it, in a circle. They are told to sketch what they see.
They are told to interpret what the statue stands for…what it means to them.

Each ones sketch will depict THEIR perspective of the statue. There will be as many different perspectives as there are people. Unless you stand in the EXACT same position as them, you will never be able to see that particular angle , the shadows, the play of light etc that they can see.

Even if you do , their unique soul makeup , their souls journey so far, their karmic baggage , their conditioning will make it different from the way you view it.

So if you understand this example , you will realise that there is no right and wrong perspective. Each perspective is right for the person who sees it that way.

Your perspective is right for you. Even that perspective might change with time or different experiences.

Peace comes when you understand this deeply.

The best way through this quagmire is to understand and replace judgement with compassion.

Each to his own. Sounds simple but is really very profound. Indeed each unique soul should be allowed their own uniqueness.
One may observe, but one should not judge.

Its only when you judge or allow it to disturb your inner balance that it brings you grief.

Creative ownership

When we engage with thoughts that bring us suffering, it is a choice we are making.
Therefore the onus of that suffering lies with us and we cannot seek to blame anyone or anything outside of us for it.

The solution is often rejected because it seems too simplistic and we love complicating things.

Stop engaging with these thoughts that take away your joy.

Stop making excuses as to why you cannot.

Stop being a ‘ victim’.

Stop playing ‘small.’

Nothing and Everything

Only when you truly feel satisfied in being nothing can you start to feel into the everythingness of all that you are.
Do not be dejected by how far you feel you still have to go. Remember there is no journey anywhere…you are already all of what you think you can be. You just have to remember it. There is no pressure, no time , no end game, no final result, no grading system.
It is all here in this now moment.
If you remember the start of this life’s journey…when you were but a child. Remember before the hurt and the cynicism…before even the fear and the anger. Remember the wonder , the joy and the awesomeness of everything you felt , touched, tasted and saw. Thats the closest you were to being nothing and remembering that you were everything.


“Some are just sitting it out , waiting for lives to get back to ‘ normal’. Such a big opportunity lost if thats all you are waiting for. ” Normal” was not working before, don’t you see this ?
If normal was working then this would not be so dramatic. This demand for change. There will be a new normal. But you have the gift of choosing together what this new normal will be. Now is the time to look within and see what truly matters to you in this blink of a lifetime.
Mortality is staring at you in the face for a reason. To remind you of the preciousness of this life, the opportunity you have to change things for yourself….not in any future life that you may have. In THIS life. To really dive deep and live deep. Not sleepwalking through it as you have been. To see what truly matters. Family, friends, humanity, love , caring , sharing , being kind, connecting with each other. Do you see how the race to accumulate things is so foolhardy when what you are going towards is an end to this life as you know it. Would you rather have held your loved ones closer, breathed in the fragrances, soaked in the utter beauty of this physical world you live in or would you rather be sitting on top of a pile of things that you claim as ” yours”. Is there such a thing as yours….do you get to take your pile? Reexamine life as you know it. Such a beautiful opportunity for you to do so. There are many for whom this is not that opportunity. They are too “young” in their journey yet and so this opportunity will come again when they are ready. For the majority of you, you have this chance like never before. Its like a big snapping of fingers right in front of your face. Why ? To awaken you. Shake off the illusion. Step into how it really is. Why are we interfering and causing this ? We are not. We have nothing to do with this. It is an opportunity that you have created and indeed asked for. We are stepping in to remind you that yes you have done this and it is a huge opportunity. We are cheering for you…all of you….to be wise in your decisions going forth from this. To choose love…to choose helping….caring and healing. It matters not one jot how you perceive yourself different . At this moment the need is to step into solidarity, creating the forward positive momentum from within humanity.
Indeed those of you who are more awake should be holding hands and holding those that are not and gently nudging them forward. Linked, all of you can do this. If you insist now on your own ‘ specialness’ , holding aloof in your own spaces…wanting to progress alone then you are not really awake either.
Do not lose this glorious opportunity we urge you. If you have been given a voice to unite, then use it. Set your trepidation and egos aside. It is ok.
You are not judged except by yourself. Let that go. Now is not the time. We love you and we are rooting for you. Its all ok. Always has been always will be. We know you cannot fully comprehend that right now and we will laugh about that together but for now believe us that it is all ok and always was. Don’t just bide this time away….really use this time to help yourself and therefore ‘ others’. “

Post script – Whats to come for the world is dependent on what each one of us chooses now. We are a collective consciousness even though we appear to be separate from each other. So the thoughts we choose , the actions we take individually affect all our realities…more than we realise. The good news is that ONE positive thought / action is way more powerful than plenty of negative ones. So the more of us that choose to be mindful and aware of choosing thoughts and actions of hope , faith and love …the more the chances of the ‘ future reality ‘ reflecting that.”

I still have to absorb it all. But the visualisations were very simple very clear.
Some of us too shy of our gifts
Some too egoistic about them.
We all need to set all that aside.
And join hands.
I saw a huge circle …holding hands and having lots in front of us ….walking forward …closer and closer to each other…taking along with our human chain others who were not holding hands …gently.

I think this is indeed the new earth they used to keep talking about.
All of us here are observing / experiencing it
However each one is experiencing it differently. The common factor is the huge waking up thats happening at different levels of consciousness. Like in the fairytale sleeping beauty.

Everyone is coming awake slowly.

Inspired action vs forced action

Different individuals have different roles to play. You must never feel that you OUGHT to be doing something that you are not completely flowing into. If it fails to light you up from within, whilst doing it, then it may not be what you were meant to be doing anyway.

Guilt is not a very good indicator of the path you are meant to walk upon.
Only joy is the true compass of that path.

Follow that joy. Like your own individuated unique GPS.

Do not let anyone guilt you into anything that does not feel like its coming from within.