I was born to love. I was born to give that love unconditionally. I was also born to receive that love unconditionally.
I started out by giving and receiving it fully…but as I grew, I also started noticing, how sometimes, the love given to me came with certain ,very subtle conditions.
As an adult, I realise , that that was me confusing love with approval or acceptance. True love …in all of its forms , is unconditional. It does not diminish with time , is not affected by moods, and definitely has no conditions attached to it. I came to associate ‘ love ‘ with hurt , with let downs, with pain.
I put up guards around my heart and became very ,very careful with who I allowed in and more importantly, who I gave my love to ,without worrying about how they could use it to hurt me. That was( ironically) me, putting so many conditions to that very love that I was born to give and receive freely.

As I grew in awareness, I slowly and painfully understood the difference between my limited , fearful concept of love and the real magnificient , unbridled , huge and humbling power that is the real deal.

I often wondered ,why it was so much easier for me to express my love and appreciation for people I barely knew than for those that were closest to me. Perhaps the closer you are , the more the expectations …the more the conditions.

In my journey to my centre, to my authentic self…I have slowly shed my expectations and my conditions.
I started loving me ,without needing anything to be changed, to be improved upon.
I started wholeheartedly loving me.

And then the miracle happened.

I was free now, to love others and be who I was born to be.
That light of love, shining in someone elses dark hour…carrying them through and then quietly slipping away as they learnt to find their own light of love within them.
Knowing that their lights had shone upon me too , with no conditions attached. That inadvertently , I was receiving as much love as I was giving away so freely …that beautiful love with no conditions attached 💕


“Coming Home to yourself “


Me: Just come home to myself? Is it as simple as that ? What about all of those things I mentioned? The learning ? The doing ? All of it ?!


Me: So it IS as simple as that ?

ME : Yes it is.

Me:  No running around , no ” to- do ” lists , no panic , no stress? Just go within? Will I find what Im searching for ?

ME : Yes indeed you will. For what you are searching for lies not outside of you , but within.

Is your destiny carved in stone?

Before I came to Singapore, I started this journey when I read one line someplace which made such an impact that I wrote it in my Cathay log book and afterwards in my recipe books.
The following is the gist of what I understood.

Your destiny is not carved in stone.
You can change your destiny AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT.
You can do this by recognising God within everything and everyone.

Which means

1) all happens FOR you, not against you …including the seemingly bad stuff. That is when you recognise God in everything in your life and you go forth in faith that all is ok and taken care of, for you, in your highest good.

2) it also means that when you start to recognise God in everyone you encounter, you treat everyone with a love and respect that maybe you overlook right now. The key here is that by treating people right , with love and humility, you change your own physiology and energy body.

YOU are the one who has the power of changing everything in a moment of this realisation.


You are a channel. Be a channel. Allow the love to flow through you to wherever it needs to go, uplifting you and whoever is in its wake.
Be a reflection of Source.

Ever present in every situation and reflecting only LOVE.
Taking out all of the stuff that hinders this receiving and channeling.

The clutter …of expectations, fears, worries……removing it all and being a clear, clear channel to receive and connect.

Allow life to be a source of delight, compassion and inspiration through you.
In being a channel, you become one with Source and everyone else you come into contact with. It is a beautiful way to be.


I invite you to consider this …

1) The onus of making and maintaining relationships lies with all those in those relationships equally. Therefore you never need to overcompensate for anybody else. They do their bit and you do your bit. If they do not do their bit then be aware that you are worthy of better and have the courage to either address the imbalance or walk away.

2) Any relationship, in order to be successful, needs to be a fairly balanced one , with no one person giving too much or taking too much. There should be a fair exchange of energy in order for the relationship to thrive.

3) If YOU like YOU…then you will no longer be bothered about anyone else liking you or not. If you approve of you , then you no longer need anyone else’s approval or validation.
In fact, if you yourself do not like or approve of yourself, then you cannot expect anyone else to genuinely like or approve of you.
You are, at all times, unconsciously sending out a radio signal which tells everyone how you feel about yourself.

Think about it for a minute.

Aren’t you able to tell when someone is quietly confident and happy to be in their skin?
Aren’t you able to sense when someone is needy , underconfident, insecure or overcompensating?

4) You do not ever need to worry about what another person is thinking about you. What is really important is ,what are you thinking about yourself? Do not reason out what must be going on in another persons head. It is never possible for you to do so with any degree of accuracy. There are just too many denominators !

5) When certain relationships sour, and if you have tried with a genuine authentic intentionality to make them work, then accept gracefully that maybe it is time for those relationships to end. Bless and forgive yourself and the other in the relationship and let them go.

6) If you remain in a balanced state in your relationships, not expecting too much out of yourself or others, not feeling overly responsible for anyone elses joy and knowing that they are not responsible for yours, then the relationships will be of a much better quality and will thrive.


Its not like the ” suffering ” aspect or the ” pain ” aspect of the human existence ever goes away. As the soul evolves through lifetimes, the suffering aspect which served as a catalyst for growth, understanding and expansion in the initial part of the journey, is now no longer needed as much.
The soul then starts to evolve for the sake of growth, expansion and the yearning to be home or in complete alignment with the Divine.
The events , relationships etc that caused huge suffering still occur, but no longer have the power to draw the soul into their drama.
The soul is less and less affected by the drama.

The path is smoother, not because there are no longer any rocks on it, but because the souls attention is no longer on the rocks or their avoidance.

Another message from me to me ….

A conversation that played out in my awareness, just before I awoke a few mornings ago.

It was so lucid that I remembered it and woke up to quickly type it on my phone

“To remember or to stay within the confines of the illusion is always a choice we make. At any given point we can choose to awaken or to stay asleep. Just like no one can be hypnotised who is unwilling to be hypnotised, no one can stay in this illusion unless they want to stay.
Question – Does it bother God / creator / Source if we choose to dilly dally and take our time and not stay on the path of remembering?
Answer – ALL paths lead to remembering . Some sooner, some later but as ” time” is a non issue, and ” experience ” and ” understanding ” is all that matters , do you think it would ” bother ” God/ Creator/ Source ?
Question- Are spirit guides also God ?
Ans – Yes
Question – what about rocks ?
Ans – yes
Question – grass , trees everything?
Answer – There is NOTHING and NOBODY that is not God.”

Spiritual progress

The mark of your actual progress along the spiritual path only comes from how you are ‘ being ‘ with your family. The family that you have been born into and the people in your family that spend the most time with you now.
Its so much easier stepping into a new understanding with regards to the world and people whose lives do not actually affect yours. The true tests come from those in close relationships with you. If you bring the same equanimity of being , unconditional love and harmony into your oldest and most intimate relationships as you project into the world, you have truly then made progress.

Liberation from hurt

The key to empathy and compassion and therefore freedom from hurt, is to observe.

Those that are the most angry , vindictive, manipulative or in the victim mode etc are actually the ones carrying the heaviest burdens of fear and insecurities.
When you realise this, you see others in a different light. Understanding gives one compassion and ultimately the freedom from the pain that they try to inflict upon you.
In fact, the understanding puts you in a plane much higher than one they can reach. They are not able to hurt you anymore.


There is always a choice given to you…to succumb to fear or align yourself to love.

When anyone in your experience is being angry, jealous , possessive, playing the victim card, being vindictive, spiteful etc, there is a huge temptation to also do the same in the guise of being wronged.

Righteousness, however well disguised, is also aligned to fear at some level.
The only way out of this endless loop is the choice to step up and align yourself to love.

When you align yourself with love , a miraculous thing happens. You are supported in ways that you never imagined possible. You become the light that you aligned yourself to. The memory of the hurt shifts in such a way that it feels like a faraway dream. Your perspective changes so much that you can’t imagine you were ever stuck in the futility of fear.

Love is the only way out.


Self confidence.

Knowing that you are enough.

That is all that self confidence entails.

True self confidence can never be generated by anything outside of oneself.
Not through physical appearances, not any measures of success or knowledge acquired.
You can be utterly gorgeous to look at and still feel as if you are not enough in some way or another and that robs you of your confidence. You can be a professor and know all there is to know about a particular subject and yet feel as if you are lacking knowledge in some other aspect of life.
Ask yourself, were we meant to know it ALL , or BE it all ?
Visualise all the pieces in a puzzle. Each one separate does not really make sense but together it creates a complete picture. If even one of those puzzle pieces were to go missing ….the entire picture would be incomplete. Thats how important it is for the piece to be exactly who the puzzle piece was meant to be.

Self confidence never comes out of external standards of perfection. It comes from a quiet place deep within. It comes from a place of contentment. It comes from knowing that you are enough.
That in your own quirky way, you complete the picture.