Speaking your truth can scare most people.
They do not want raw , jagged, uncomfortable truth.

Hiding from their own truths, sitting in their safe zones, your truth reminds them of theirs.
The truth that they have tried so hard, to suppress , transmute , dull down or ignore. Desperately , they want you to conform…just be what you used to be, is their silent plea.
Like talking to a wild animal from the other side of the bars of the cage, petrified that it shall break free…wanting it to remain in captivity …so they can be safe.
I know how they feel.
I was them once.


Why do I feel as if Im sitting on a ticking timer?

As if, it is only a matter of time, before this fragile illusion shatters ?
Why do I feel responsible for upholding and preserving this illusion?

When I do know, that Im not the creator of it ? When I do know ,that even though I will feel, as if I have shattered , instead of the illusion, it shall be really be me set free.

To be alive as Ive never been alive before.


Living close to the surface, treading water in the shallows….fooling yourself into believing its safe.
The depths call out to you. Plunge in , they say !
Never mind the shredding of your heart….the ripping apart of the shells covering your naked soul ….plunge in !

Plunge into the depths of what you fear the most.
Let it tear you apart and set you free.

The longer we choose to dwell in circumstances or situations or relationships that pull us down emotionally , physically and mentally….the longer we postpone our best life ! Change your mind …and therefore change your reality.